libreoffice - libre office - free officeIf ou ever needed to work with some documents (word files, excels or maybe powerpoint), you probably used Microsoft Office. It is a great product, it does what it's meant to do and, thanks to an army of people who works at Microsoft, it's getting better and better. However, it has a great drawback: You have to pay quite a lot of money to use it.

If you are a rich man, you don't care about 100$ or more.. but, I think that if you read this lines, you are not so rich that you don't care about this amount. So, for those many people who search for low cost or free alternatives for their daily tasks, I want to share some of the things I learn everey day.

The best free alternative to Microsoft Office that I came across in my opinion is LibreOffice. And I am not the only one who belives this. After almost 20 years of developing and improvements LibreOffice is now a standard aplication in *unix's OS. This can only mean that it has proved its power and is worth trying.

Below you can find a full installation video tutorial of LibreOffice as well as a detailed guide with step by step instructions.

Step by step guide:

Start by opening your favorite internet browser, ang go to

LibreOffice - go to

Navigate to the download section of the website, and click to download the main installler of LibreOffice.

Download main installer

Save the file on your hard drive.

Save the file to your computer


After the download is finished, go to the file location, where you saved the installer and open it. Click "Run", "Ok" or "Yes"  on any windows security pop-ups.

Security alert from windows on file open

On the next screen press "Next" to start the Installation Wizard of LibreOffice.

Start installation wizard of LibreOffice

The first step of the wizard is to choose the type of installation (typical or custom). If you opt for a custom installation, you can select from a whole list of options.

custom instalation of LibreOffice


From the next screen you cand select all the options that you need to install on the local drive. You can install all or any of the components (Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base) many languages for user interface and other components. If you don't know if you need or not some components, you probably don't.

Custom options for libreOffice installation

Also, from this screen you cand change the installation path, by clicking the "Change" button and selecting the right path for you. Usually, it's better to let the default path in c:\program files\LibreOffice..

Press "Next", to check the file types that you want to open by default in LibreOffice and than press "Next Again"

File types asociations in LibreOffice

After you press the "Next button", the installation is launched and all you will have to do is to press "Finish" at the end of process.

You wil have then a shortut created on your desktop. When you open LibreOffice, you get a screen like the one below from where you can open any type of documents you want.

First screen of LibreOffice your social media marketing partner

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