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How to get a free dynamic DNS - free accountHave you ever needed to access your home NAS (Network Attached Storage) or other resources from another location on the internet?

Let’s say that you are at a friend and you want to share with him the last video recorded by you on summer holidays that is saved on your storage, at home. What can you do?

Very simple. You need to configure your home router to forward one port to your attached storage, and then, knowing your router’s IP you can access it by that. The IP is the address of your equipment over the internet / network. Think about your IP like your home address  (and yes, with your IP it is possible to find the real home address to ). But what if you don’t know your router’s IP?

Most of home users doesn’t have a static IP. They are using a dynamic allocated IP, with a PPPoE broadband connection. In this case, every time they connect to the internet with their username & password, the IP changes.

In this case you will need a service called Dynamic DNS that holds a DNS (Domain Name Server) record to your IP. This Dynamic DNS ensure that every time your IP changes, the records is updated and you will always know your router’s address.

Most of these services comes for money, including (which is the same as is one of the oldest providers for dynamic DNS and it is certified for security. This makes it one of the most wanted providers, but, as I said … it is not free (& not to expensive).

In this video, I will show you how you can obtain a free account, for one single host (let’s say your home router).


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