I think that each of you have heared about Microsoft Office suite..

The most popular from this suite arte probably Word and Excel. Those 2 are almost on every windows based pc. Not to talk about corporations and enterprises. Often they are forced by associates, suppliers or customers to use one of these products and over time they get used to it and it becomes increasingly difficult to give up on it.

This isn't necessarily a bat thing if you can afford to spend all that money on yearly licenses that can cost you thousands (USD) or even tens or hundreds of thousands.

But for home user or for a small company, paying about 150 US Dollars on a Microsoft Office licence it's not the happiest thing on earth.
Maybe you need to buy some hardware with that money.. or maybe you want to pay an utility bill.. without worry about your docs. In out days, there are multiple free alternatives to carry on the same activity. That being said, I will tell you 3 (three) free alternatives with pros and against opinions, three great products that saves your money and gives you free word, free excel, free power point presentations & more:

The first alternative that I am thinking about is Open Office. It's the first I think about because it's the oldest to.. Ass the name suggest, "Open Office" is a free suite. They say about themselves that they are the leading free office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and data bases.

The second choise will be LibreOffice. It is the second in this list, but in my opinion it's the best alternative for Microsoft Office.

The third  option in my opinion is Google Docs. It's the third option, because it's not so powerful like the other two, and you need an internet connection if you want to work with it. Yet, beside this, Google Docs has a few golden features that puts him on the list.

We will take each of this great products and we will discuss in more detail in our dedicated section of this website, specially made for free software and.. "Free stuff"

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